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Good health and additional income thanks to a business whose capital is our own consumption.

The Ganoderma company

πŸ† This is the largest company in the world, which GROWS, PRODUCES and MARKETS the Ganoderma mushroom, also called Reishi, nicknamed "the King of Herbs". The latter has been known for two millennia for its benefits for improving the immune system, stress management, cholesterol problems, etc. It is one of the most ANTIOXIDANT natural substances, research has even shown an anti-cancer potential of Reishi.

πŸŽ€ The company has been working on the international market for 30 years, it has several certificates of quality and management, it has a wide range of healthy products, with high nutritional value and without harmful substances.

🍏 Products for health and wellness, cosmetics, for personal care and skin care.

A business without capital

πŸ’° In addition to providing prestigious products, DXN has also a financial aspect.

The company's marketing model is the Relationship Marketing (or Direct Selling), which differs from the traditional selling mode by the absence of third-party advertising intermediary.

πŸ“’ The principle is selling products by recommendation from a person to another. The advantage is to allow consumers to benefit from the costs usually spent on recruiting and advertising.

DXN products has great preventive and therapeutic capacities, they are easily substitutable for those we consume on a daily basis.

πŸ‘Œ It is a Business that promises sure, but not immediate results.

FREE membership

  • Registration is FREE and WITHOUT COMMITMENT,
  • A member buys the products cheaper than their retail prices (15 to 25% discount),
  • Exciting commissions depending on the products purchased by a member and by persons registered by the member.

DXN Marketing Plan

DXN's marketing strategy can be summarized in the following points:

  • DXN rewards its customers for attracting other customers and retaining them, the same thing you would have done with other brands for free, when you recommend a product you liked to someone.
  • The reward is in the form of a commission, not on new customers, but on each product purchased by these customers!
  • Remunerations are calculated on all depth levels.
DXN Marketing Plan
  • The more new customers are invited who become members, the more the commissions multiply and their rate also rises.
  • The status achieved is never lost and we are constantly evolving.
  • A registered member is not an employee, but a business partner, since he is not paid by a fixed salary, but by a commission system.
  • A single membership allows you to sponsor an unlimited number of members in any country in the world.
  • A fair system: a new member can earn more than his sponsor in bonuses and have a better status if he works more.

πŸ‘‰ DXN offers an ambitious compensation plan to its members. To provide further details about the functioning of this Marketing model, I wrote a document explaining among other things:

  • Membership conditions,
  • All statuses through which a member climbs until reaching higher statuses whose commissions perceived are very interesting,
  • The various formulae for calculating the commissions received.

Download the document in PDF format (28 slides)*:

(*) It is better to open the PDF file on a tablet or a computer, for clarification.

DXN remuneration Plan

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