Mosque of Fresnes: Let's build!

I would like to share with you an initiative that is particularly close to my heart and concerns the mosque in the city of Fresnes, in the Val de Marne region of France.

Mosque of Fresnes currently

Mosque of Fresnes currently

This mosque, managed by the Muslim Cultural and Educational Association of Fresnes (ACMEF), has been a place of gathering and spirituality for our community for over two decades. The pavilion, acquired over 20 years ago, has been lovingly and devotedly rehabilitated to welcome worshipers in a conducive prayer space.

However, over the years, our community has grown, and with it, the attendance of worshipers at Friday prayers (Al-joumou'a), the nightly prayers of Ramadan (Tarawih), as well as the prayers of the two annual Muslim holidays. This growth has led to the organization of two successive Friday prayers and the temporary relocation of certain prayers to a nearby gymnasium. In fact, our association is the only one to benefit from this privilege for several years.

Future Mosque of Fresnes

Future Mosque of Fresnes

The ACMEF aims to rebuild the pavilion by annexing an adjacent house, in order to create a modern and functional building that can dignify accommodate all worshipers. This ambitious project represents a significant investment, with a total budget of 3 million euros. To date, we have managed to collect around 400,000 euros. However, in order for the work to begin, we must raise at least half of the budget.

If you believe in this cause and wish to contribute to the development of our community, I invite you to support us by making a donation directly to the ACMEF association. Every euro counts and brings us a little closer to our goal.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and support.